Scout Talks-Carolina Medi Spa

Scout Carolina medi Spa

Who are you?  Carolina Medi Spa

{Pictured:  English Black, PA-C,  Stephanie Carnell, LPN  Dr. Jenelle Williams, Dr. Rebecca Todd Bell, and Dr. Beth Goldstein, not pictured: a wonderful team in the office.}

What do you do/ describe your business?  

High quality medical spa associated with a well established Dermatology practice. We offer a strong emphasis on patient education and prevention in our patient experience.

How did you get there?

We found that the specialty of dermatology evolved starting in the late 1990′s into having significant advances in cosmetic options for patients. We began with offering laser hair removal and chemical peels and progressed into vascular laser treatments, Botox and fillers. We expanded our space over the next 15 years to a dedicated space and staff that can give patients a high quality medical and cosmetic experience.

Favorite aspect of what you do?

Educating patients on the best treatments to help them reach their personal goals.

Favorite local dining spot?  Elements for lunch

Favorite local shop? SOUTH for gifts

Best part of living in the Triangle? the people; interesting, open and progressive.


Carolina Medi Spa is located at 2238 Nelson Highway #300 Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Call 919-493-3194 for your appointment today!


What do duct tape, public buses and storage PODS have in common?

Meet Mary Carter Taub!

Mary Carter Taub is an artist who we are VERY lucky to have living and working in Chapel Hill, NC. Since the 1990’s, Mary has been working as an installation artist mostly in New York City and San Francisco, though in recent years she has migrated to the triangle. scout_mary3

scout_mary1     scout_mary5 scout_mary6

Mary has exhibited her art nationally in spaces such as the PS 122 Gallery and the Islip Art Museum, but locally we have seen her work at Umstead Park, Marbles Kids Museum and even a Mobile Mural which was installed around a city bus in Chapel Hill, NC.


There are no limitations as to where you might see Mary’s colorful work, as past spaces she has transformed include an elevator and a storage POD (pictured above). The tools of Mary’s trade are as non-conventional as her space choices in that she has often converted simple materials such as duct tape, post-it notes and flagging ribbon in to noteworthy pieces of art!


The results of Mary’s efforts are colorful and whimsical works of her imagination, in addition to, on several occasions, literally THOUSANDS of miles of duct tape. If you’re ever wandering around the triangle and happen to stumble upon a mural of colorful, intersecting stripes of tape (above: 105-107 Martin st.), it is probably the work of Mary Carter Taub! However we suggest you do not leave such an encounter up to chance, and instead visit her website to see all of the places in the triangle where you might find these local gems. 


Exposure Time: Portrait event at CAM Raleigh


CAM, the Contemporary Art Museum, in Raleigh is hosting a photography/ portrait event beginning next Thursday!  There is a bevy of talented local photographers that you can book 30 minute portrait sessions with– book here!

photo 1

Last night at CAM’s Hopscotch kick off party they had a fun teaser of photographer, Tim Lytvenenko, taking portraits with added bonus bunny head as a prop aka Hopscotch Bunny– can’t wait to check out CAM’s website for the images…  This next image is a cool water color series that Tim has developed…


What better way to get a jump start on the holidays, be it for gifting a portrait to a loved one, or that project, major project, in my household, of Christmas Cards…. or just documenting via portraiture through incredible local talent in the area…

ian dunn

Naturally, I am very biased and know that Nick Pironio, Scout’s photographer, is one of the best around.  Nick is working on a project with a friend of his, Ian F.G. Dunn, where they will be using a very early form photographic process called “Wet Plate” or “Collodion” process- instead of film, it’s  a glass plate!  How steam punk and very retro-vintage cool.  Nick will take your portrait (with the old timey curtained camera) and Ian will develop on the spot!  Best of all, you will walk away, day of, with a piece of fine art by these two, very talented artists.

eve hobgood

Also recently I met with photographer Eve Hobgood, another talented photographer in the mix.  Eve is a North Carolinian but of late hails from Brooklyn, where she started her photography business, Petite Simone, which specializes in infant, children and family photos.

And that’s not it!  There are countless more photographers, you will have to explore CAM’s website to see which style suits you best.  It will be fun event and you will have something tangible to show for yourself, not to mention it’s a great fundraiser for our favorite art museum featuring contemporary art!

Here are the deets:

Kick off party, Friday, September 12th, sponsored by Cantina 18

PACKAGE A - Exposure Time VIP Portrait Package – $350

  • Tickets to the kickoff party to meet the photographers
  • CAM Raleigh dual/family membership
  • 30-minute portrait appointment
  • One high resolution digital file and print of one image (additional digital images available for purchase)
  • On-site consultation with graphic designers to help plan a holiday card
  • On-site framing consultation
  • Fun make-and-take art activities

PACKAGE B - Exposure Time Portrait Package – $175 (Use promo code EXPO when checking out)

  • 30-minute portrait appointment
  • High resolution digital file of one image (additional digital images available for purchase)
  • Fun make-and-take art activities
  • IMPORTANT: When choosing PACKAGE B, use the promo code EXPO when checking out. Otherwise, the shopping cart defaults to PACKAGE A.


CAM Raleigh

409 W. Martin Street
Downtown Raleigh

Scout Talks-Woodward Financial Advisors



{Featured in Volume 2}



{Jim Miller-President of Woodward Financial Advisors}

Scout is excited to start a new blog series “Scout Talks,” where you will have more of an opportunity to become familiar with more local businesses and their principals. So to kick this off we talked to Jim Miller from Woodward Financial Advisors.

Who are you? – Jim Miller, Certified Financial Planner and President of Woodward Financial Advisors in Chapel Hill, NC

What do you do/ describe your business? – We are an independent wealth management firm that helps professional women and their families make smart financial decisions.

How did you get there? – I’m in my 17th year as a financial advisor, something I’ve been doing since graduating college with finance degree.  Originally from New Jersey, my family and I moved to Chapel Hill about eight years ago.  We love the area and the clients that we are blessed to work with.

Favorite aspect of what you do? – Helping folks achieve their financial goals, whether it’s being able to pay for their grandchild’s college education, make sure their spouse is well taken care of in the event of their early death or being able to transition earlier than planned from full-time work to something more “fun”!

Most challenging part of what you do? – Keeping clients focused on the things that can be controlled and keeping perspective to what’s really important.

 What inspires you? – My family, the mentors I’ve had along the way in our profession and my colleagues at Woodward.

Future aspirations? – To continue to evolve the firm, add new service areas and expertise and be known as the elite independent advisory firm in the Triangle.

Favorite local dining spot? – Right now it’s Lantern for dinner, Med Deli for lunch and Monuts Donuts for breakfast.  Also, our family is loving this new pizza place in Durham, Pompieri.

Favorite local shop? – I don’t get into many shops, but my wife loves Glee.

Best part of living in the Triangle? – Access to so many great things to do, whether it’s family friendly museums or parks, to great college sporting events to outdoor music and fitness events.

For more information visit Woodward Financial Advisors or call 919.929.2495



Scouted: Engagement Rings!

Tis’ the season to get hitched!

Fall is a popular time for getting engaged, and we all know that ‘happily ever after’ usually begins with a breathtaking engagement ring. If you’re looking for an engagement ring as unique as the bride who will be wearing it, look no further than Booth Custom Jewelers in Raleigh, NC.

scout_booth1  Above: beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring, Below: oval & half-moon three-stone engagement ring scout_booth5

Brian and Lily Booth specialize in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry for engagements and other special occasions. We can personally attest to the exquisiteness of their pieces!

scout_booth2  Above: hand engraved platinum and diamond engagement ring, Below:  padparadscha sapphire rose gold ring scout_booth4

With Brian’s expertise in sculpture/jewelry production and Lily’s interest in fashion/diamond setting, their teamwork boasts a strong sense for aesthetic beauty and excellent customer service.


If you already have an heirloom ring or another piece of jewelry that may need a few touch-ups before you offer it to your significant other, Booth Custom also specializes in jewelry restoration. Booth Custom strives to be a one-stop-shop for all of your jewelry needs. Above you can see an heirloom ring featured on Booth’s blog.

Lily and Brian are high integrity jewelers, insisting on using environmentally responsible materials in addition to sourcing recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds.
If you or someone you know are thinking about ‘popping the question’ in the near or distant future, stop by Booth Custom Jewelers to see what they have to offer. Tell them Scout sent you!

Call Booth to schedule your appointment:  919-809-3180


Coolest condos on the block: Fairview Row

Check out Fairview Row at Five Points!


Located in the heart of Raleigh’s charming Five Points neighborhood, Fairview Row is an elegantly designed group of condominiums in the making. Fairview’s classic brick exteriors will fit in beautifully with surrounding historic architecture, while modern advancements bring the properties ahead with changing times.


We recommend that you see for yourself the open and bright floor plans, the deep porches, the customizable interior design and timeless sophistication of these spaces.


The Five Points neighborhood is one of the most attractive locations in Raleigh, boasting excellent restaurants, a great antiques district sprinkled with beloved destinations like NoFo at the Pig boutiques. Likewise Fairview Row is one of the more desirable locations within Five Points, boasting superior design and intimate living spaces which make you feel at home. The buildings are smaller than most condominiums, with space limited to four families per building for optimal privacy. Additionally the structural supports of the buildings have been upgraded to create quieter environments for residents.

As if this spot couldn’t get any sweeter, some of our favorite people are working to build these beautiful condos. That is, of course, Williams Realty and Building! They are a local, family-owned company with half a century of experience in meeting the needs of their clients.


But please don’t take our word for it, and go check out Fairview Row for yourself. The space at Fairview Row is limited, and these condos won’t stay vacant for long!

Call 919-785-1445 to inquire about Fairview Row and

To inquire about the services Williams Realty and Building Co. offers, call 919-781-7107